N60 Ultra Series: H11 – 200W / 40000lm


  • Perfect Beam Safety – Does not blind oncoming traffic
  • No Dark Spots – Defeats various weather
  • Extended Lifespan – No frequent replacement
  • 5-min Quick Installation
  • Power: 200W/Pair(100W/Bulb)
  • Lumens: 40000LM
  • Color: 6500K white


Support Services:

✓ 1-Year Warranty

✓ 7-Day Easy Return & Exchange

✓ Nationwide Shipping

✓ WhatsApp Chat Support

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N60 Ultra Series – Ultra High Power 200W 40000LM: Size H11 (H8/H9) 



Highest brightness – More stable output, longer life

The brightest series of all Novsight brand headlight bulbs.

Using the latest CSP chip, with a built-in external driver.

Double ball bearing fans, and a 38 mm heat dissipation system.


The actual effect of Novsight N60 Ultra Series H11 LED bulbs at night



CAN bus free—Solve the Error Code Issue

CAN bus-ready LED lights – the ultimate solution for flicker problems and error code issues.

Enjoy a hassle-free driving experience, free from any technical concerns. 



900% Upgraded Brightness

Equipped with the latest CSP chips,

6500K cool white, 200W 40000LM per pair,

Providing 900% brightness than halogen bulbs.

Increased safety and security on the road.



Pro series with high power LED bulbs series reliable stability

With our N60 super-advanced technological LED light,

double power light up your way, no matter any environment,

secure you for safety, and enjoy your super-cool journey! 



Adopt Advanced Cooling System

Double heat pipe heat dissipation and are equipped with a fan.

600% faster cooling than other headlight bulbs.

Our headlight bulbs last up to 100,000 hours, 80 times longer than the halogen.



Adapt to all the Weather

N60 series H11 (H8/H9) LED bulbs are designed to perform in various environments.

Features high power, 40000 Lumen output, and an adaptive design.

Handles rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

Enjoy the reliability and brightness of our LED bulbs even in the most difficult conditions.



  • Light Mode: Single Beam
  • Bulb Type: H11 (H8/H9)
  • Light Power: 200W/Pair (100W/Bulb)
  • Lumen output: 40000lm/Pair (20000lm/Bulb)
  • Color Temperature: Bright White 6,500K
  • External/ Internal Driver: External
  • Lifespan: Over 100,000 Hours
  • Waterproof Rate: IP68
  • Connect Type: Plug and Play
  • Voltage: DC9-32V


Warranty Period: 1-year

1. Please check your vehicle’s LED light socket type and size to confirm whether the item will fit it.

2. As a safety precaution, please ensure the car has time to cool down properly before starting the installation process.

3. Make sure the ignition is off and remove the key.

4. Thoroughly check the contacts, ports and wire connections, as faulty connections can cause lighting problems.


Package Includes:

2x LED headlight bulbs

1x Product manual


Warm Tips:

Our LED replaces halogen bulbs only. It does not replace HID or LED from the factory.